Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holiday Highlight

Holiday Highlight.

At Taupo/Kinloch

  • Fishing
  • Trout
  • Boat
  • Kinloch
  • Shopping
  • Lake


“Are we there yet”? I say.
“No not yet,” say’s Mum and Dad. It feels like we have been in the car for hours. How long have we got to go until we get to Taupo?. 1 hour later,
“OMG” I say. I grab my headphones and listen to some music for half an hour. Suddenly I fall asleep. I wake up.
“Are we there yet?”
“Yes” says Dom.
We get to our batch in Kinloch and unload our luggage.
“Hey Dad” ,I ask “can I help you and Dom get the boat ready for tomorrow”.
“Yes sure”, said Dad. I get my rod ready for tomorrow, I put my pink lightning bolt lower on. Mum calls us inside.
“Dinner Time”, she says.
Yum yum, thanks Mum. We eat our dinner and then sit down and watch some tv. After that I get ready for bed.

12 hours later.....The sun is beaming into our room, it’s blinding me. I get up and have breakfast. Then get changed. I grab the iPad and sit it on the boat, “
That’s all I need” I say to Mum. I jump into the car ready to go fishing. We get down to the marina and get the boat in the water. Dom and I hop on the boat and get our life jackets on. While Dad is parking the car, and Mum is holding the rope. Dom starts the motor then Dad arrives,we are off.

Dad take us to our direction where we want to fish. Dad slowly stops the boat, Dom and I get our rods out and ready to go. We wait till Dad tells us that we can let our lines out. Dom lets his line out first then me. We sit down and wait and wait. I grab the iPad while I wait suddenly, I hear the rod going zzzzzzzz. I jump up
“who’s rod is that?” I ask dad.
Yours, “yay” I say. I grab my rod and start winding in. I can feel my arm starting to get really sore. I really want the first fish so I give it my all. I see the trout swimming to the top of the lake. There it is Mum say’s. “Dom grab the net”, Dad says. Dom swoops the net into the water. “Whoooo I got it !” he yells.
I grab the measuring board and we measure the trout, it is way bigger enough. We kill the fish and sit it in a bin. Then we put our rods out again. We start over again. Dom wants to get a fish this time.  

Here are some photos from when I was there.

Look at the beautiful blue flat lake!

Heaps of fish!

I caught one!
Taking Photos!
Gutting the fish!
I caught another one!


  1. Awesome Bidi!
    That writing is out-standing.
    I love the photos.
    That was a great idea to write the captions at the bottom of the photos.
    Great punctuation.
    Well done:-)

    1. Thanks Hanz.
      I liked writing this story.
      Thanks for the awesome comment.

  2. You make me so homesick for Kinloch with your writing Olivia. You manage to describe it so well I can imagine being there. A fantastic piece of writing.

    1. Thanks so much for you nice comment.
      Kinloch is so much fun.
      I wish you guys could come with us again.

  3. Wow Bidi...that is great!!! I can't wait to go up to Kinloch for you to show me how to fish. Last time I went out I kept dropping the fish.

    Was Chopper out fishing as well?

    Mr D

  4. Thanks Mr D.
    No Chopper wasn't there. :(
    Your comment was awesome.

  5. Wow Liv, Your writing has improved so much over the year! I love the speech in your writing. Glad you are a great fisherman.

  6. Girl Power ah Liv, you are a mighty fisher-girl. Very cool story and I love the amount of detail and your use of speech in your stories now. Top Job chick your writing is improving so much - Reach for the stars Bidi xxxxxx

  7. Wow Olivia, champion fisher woman! Well done, what a great adventure you all had. I really enjoyed the way you wrote the story, it was action packed throughout, and kept me wanting to read more. Well done, and good luck next time you go.


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