Wednesday, October 23, 2013



Today we made Parachutes in class. 

How to make a parachute with a plastic bag and
 a straw. 

  • Plastic bag  
  •   Straw 

First you cut a straw into 8 equal parts lengthwise, only cut to the bend in the straw.
Then you sellotape the end.
Next grab a plastic bag, cut off the handles and the bottom. 
After that cut a square shape, the square sides should be all equal. 
Then fold the square in half,then in a quarter,then an eight,and then a sixteenth.
Next cut of the excess plastic. 
Open the shape and you will get a circle,then lay out the circle and sellotape the straw with eight equal parts down on the circle, like this. 

If you want you can put something in the top of the straw to weigh it down a bit. 
This is what it should look like at the end. 

Here is a photo and video of the Parachute that Hannah and I made.

Here are some facts about, First parachute Jump: 

1. Who made the first parachute drop and when? Andre-Jacque Garnerin’s  October 22 1797.
2. What nationality was he? French.
3. Did he receive any prices completing this amazing feat? No.
4. Describe the parachute? Seven-meter silk parachute that resembled an umbrella.
5. Describe how the drop took place? When he landed he was not injured but it was a violent fall.  
6. From what height did he fall? approximately 3,000 feet.

7. Who was his student and what fame did he reach? first ever female parachutist .  His student was his wife.

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  1. Awesome Bidi
    Great blog post you explained how to create a parachute nice and clearly.
    Well Done!

  2. Wow Olivia!
    What a great post on yours and Hannah's Parachute.
    It is great how you have photos of the parachute on the site.
    I how you have made a video of yourself letting go of the parachute in your house.
    Well done:)

  3. Excellent science post - you did well to create this post at home too. I like how you followed up on your learning at school.

  4. Great science post Olivia.
    I like how you have added your parachute falling down, Great example of how it works.
    Well Done Bidi keep up the great work.

  5. Awesome work Bidi.
    It was really fun making the parachute with you.
    What was you favourtie part in making it?
    Well done:-)


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