Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Here is my letter.

                                 Parkvale School
Hawkes Bay
New Zealand
Wednesday 21st August 2013
Dear Ken Catran,

Hello, My name is Olivia. I go to Parkvale school in Hastings, I am in room 16. We have just finished reading the book, Dead Harry. I absolutely loved this book. This book was really interesting.

I liked all the amazing characters, the best character for me was  Harry. Because he was a ghost.   But It was sad when Harry died. His character is very interesting. I like it when Harry follows Sam and is not leaving him alone.

In my class we made imovies on the ipad we got put into groups and made movies about the book Dead Harry, we went around the school and took videos and pictures for our movie. In our imovie we advertised the main parts like, when Sam was in hospital, also when Harry, Sam, and Anna found out that Miss Mills and Miss Anson.

I loved all the parts in the book but my favorite part of this book is, when Harry Sam and Anna find out that Miss Mills and Miss Anson are evil. I liked it because they were surprised that they were evil, because Miss Mills and Miss Anson were pretending to be nice.

Thank you for writing such an amazing book. I loved it.

Yours sincerely Olivia Cacace.

Here is our Dead Harry Trailer.

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  1. Wow Olivia your writing is cool. I liked how you put your groups video on that's awesome. Keep up the good work Olivia


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