Friday, May 10, 2013

Willy and Hugh

WALT include specific details in our writing, helping the reader to visualise and make connections.

Text Type: Diary of a Fictional Character
Includes important events and ideas.

Adds personal comments to support the events and ideas.

Shows the reader what the character is feeling.

Strong verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

Organised into sentences and paragraphs.

Dear Diary

Saturday it was the worst day ever. I was at the park with no friends everyone around me was having a great time with their friends but me. I would ask to play but they just called me useless. I thought I might as well go home and play soccer all by myself.


Dear Diary

Today is Sunday I still have no friends to play with. I  went for a walk in the park.  I thought I could meet a friend there and we could hang out and go to cool places. This is getting boring I haven't meet a friend so I went back  home. I was walking back home doing my own thing when a BIG Gorilla was running towards me I didn't see him and SMACK. I’m sorry the BIG Gorilla says no I'm sorry says Willy and it went on. By the way my name is Hugh and my name is Willy. We both sat down and had a laugh at the people running and sweating past.


Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever Hugh and I went to the library and I read a story to Hugh Jape. He laughed really loud and all the other gorillas got angry but we still kept reading. Suddenly we were walking back home when Hugh Jape stopped he was scared there was a Huge spider. I picked it up and moved it I felt quite proud of myself. Thanks said Hugh Jape. No problem said Willy. We are going to met up again tomorrow.


  1. That was an awesome story.
    I got caught in the moment.
    Keep it up.

  2. Nice work Bidi, keep it up


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