Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Reflection

This is my May reflection that I made for interview.

I hope you like it. Please comment.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to survive in the bush.

How To Survive In The Bush

This is about how to survive in the bush and what you will need.

What you need*                                            
  • T-shirts
  • Warm shirts- long sleeved
  • Shorts
  • Long Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Sweatshirts
  • Woolly Jerseys, Polar Fleece.
*Sun Hat,Woolly Hat
*Waterproof rain coat.
*Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Blanket, Sheet.

 Steps* (Codes)
 1. Plan your trip  
You need to plan your trip because then you know where you are going.  

 2. Tell someone
You have to tell someone your plans and where you are going because if something happened to you then they know where you are and when you come back.

 3. Beware of the weather
You have to beware of the weather because you don't know what the weather will do because it can change fast. You could get stuck, wet, cold, and nowhere to go.

 4. Know your limits
You have to know your limits because if you try to do too much you could not be able to do it and freak out.

 5. Take sufficient supplies.
Remember to take things that you will need on the trip. Like food, first aid kit and some sort of phone to communicate.  Double check that you have any thing.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Camp Explore

This is Camp Explore

You have to find Mr M and all the keys. 

1. Start at the Motor Track H6.

2. Then go to H4 to collect the first key.

3. Next go to J3.

4. Then go to C3.

5. Go a little bit up to C5.

6. For the last one go to D7.

7. Well done you have found all the keys.

Camp Rules :

1.  Please wear Sunscreen and a hat on sunny days so you don't get burnt.
2.  Do not wear you dirty shoes inside please.

3.  No flips, No bombs in the pool.

4. Please make sure you are with a parent at all times.

5.  Never litter

6. Please make sure your rooms are tidy.

7. Eat with your mouth closed.

8.  Please be in the dining room for dinner at 6:00.

9. For lunch 1:00 and for breakfast 7:00.

10.  Most of all have Fun.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

3D Building

Look at what we did today for maths, it is building 3D shapes.

I did a Triangular Prism.

 5 faces.

 9 edges.

 6 vertical / Corners.

Room 17 gave us a good formula.
This is my formula
5 faces + 6 corners - 2 = 9 edges.

                                                     Zeb's shape is a Octagonal Pyramid.
                                                                      There is:

                                                                     9 :Faces
                                                                     9 :Vertical / Corners.
                                                                     16 :Edges

Room 17 gave us a good formula .
This is Zeb's formula 

9 faces + 9 corners - 2 = 16 edges.


Hope you like .By Olivia 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Willy and Hugh

WALT include specific details in our writing, helping the reader to visualise and make connections.

Text Type: Diary of a Fictional Character
Includes important events and ideas.

Adds personal comments to support the events and ideas.

Shows the reader what the character is feeling.

Strong verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

Organised into sentences and paragraphs.

Dear Diary

Saturday it was the worst day ever. I was at the park with no friends everyone around me was having a great time with their friends but me. I would ask to play but they just called me useless. I thought I might as well go home and play soccer all by myself.


Dear Diary

Today is Sunday I still have no friends to play with. I  went for a walk in the park.  I thought I could meet a friend there and we could hang out and go to cool places. This is getting boring I haven't meet a friend so I went back  home. I was walking back home doing my own thing when a BIG Gorilla was running towards me I didn't see him and SMACK. I’m sorry the BIG Gorilla says no I'm sorry says Willy and it went on. By the way my name is Hugh and my name is Willy. We both sat down and had a laugh at the people running and sweating past.


Dear Diary

Today was the best day ever Hugh and I went to the library and I read a story to Hugh Jape. He laughed really loud and all the other gorillas got angry but we still kept reading. Suddenly we were walking back home when Hugh Jape stopped he was scared there was a Huge spider. I picked it up and moved it I felt quite proud of myself. Thanks said Hugh Jape. No problem said Willy. We are going to met up again tomorrow.

Maths 2D Shapes

This my 2D Maths Presentation that I did for my homework. I hope you like it.

Please Comment  By Olivia :)

Rock Climbing

Today we went Rock Climbing at Karamu High School It was AWESOME!!!

Rock Climbing.

Today we went to Karamu High School to do Rock Climbing in there gym. We went with High School Students 2 big kids and 3 of us. The teacher for Rock Climbing was Mr Ross. In my group we had Hannah, Tracey and me. Mia and Lain were are big kids with us they are year 12 students. It was awesome fun! First my group had to practice putting the harness on and how to push pull. When we were practising some one had to be the push pull person someone would be the climber and some would be the smile.  Next we were on the real rock climbing wall. I went first, I was nervous. I put my hands and feet on first and started to move up slowly, Mia was doing the push pull and Hannah was doing the smile. The smile is when you stand behind the person who is doing the push pull and leave a loop so if the push pull doesn't catch the person falling you can catch them by pulling the smile. I got halfway and then I got lifted down by Mia doing the Push Pull. After me was Hannah then Tracey. After we had all done we had to go and sit down and listen to Mr Ross. Then we walked back to school.


Thanks. Please Comment!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Angry Verbs

This is my Angry Bird that I made. We had to make these Angry Verbs with room 5 our buddy class. It was awesome fun.

I hope you like it. 
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