Friday, April 12, 2013

Andrea and Anthony's interview

This is my Mum's Interview. 

This is my Dad's Interview

This is my challenge tree interview on my Mum Andrea and my Dad Anthony. I was asking questions about their culture. I choose to do my Interview on my Mum and Dad, because they have different things in there culture. Please Comment From Olivia.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reading Group The Erie Singing Sirens

The Eerie Singing Sirens from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Reflection for
· Something I was pleased with was…
How everyone was working together and doing their part well. And writing their part down from remembering the story.                        
…because… we are older enough to do it. And work by our self.

· I really enjoyed learning…

My part and words and how to put our movie together.
And being the siren in the story, with Jessica and Emma.
I like to give it a go and try new things. And act out the siren part in our movie.

Something I found hard was…
Singing because I am not a very good singer but i like to try.
Something that made me think was…
Was to to be loud and clear. And trying to sing in time with the other Sirens.
If we sing in time it will sound better. And if I speak clearly it will  sound good too.
 Something I want to get better at is…
Doing more actions, and not to be shy.

          (What can I do about it?)
Move my body and flap my wings for the bird bit. And smile so I don’t look like I am shy.

By Olivia.

Please Comment.

Sports Pal Game

Today Josh Lily and I showed our class room 16 one of the games that we learnt. Because we are Sports Pal. Zeb in our class filmed us and made an I movie. The game was called Go Try. I hope you like the video of us teaching them.

Fitness With Room 16 from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.
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