Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids for Kids


             Today at 9.00 in the morning we hopped on a bus and went to the opera house. Because we are doing world vision kids for kids. I walked into the opera House and was buzzing with excitement, and also I loved the look of the opera house in the outside and inside. We got seated in one of those cool wobbly seats.We sat there and all the different schools come in. I was very excited about seeing Suzanne Prentice because she is famous. Then Dayna the MC came out and instructed us and told us the rules of the Opera house. And there was also Chris who is in the Funky Monkey. We got put in grandstands or seats. And we started singing all of the kids for kids songs. It sounded so much better with Suzanne Prentice singing with us. I was feeling so hot under the light I felt like I was in an oven burning. And then to night is our time to shine it is our big night.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cricket Ball Writing

If was a Cricket Ball what would it be like
I am a Cricket ball flying through the air on a windy day, thrown into the palm of a black cap getting ready to bowl. I'm sitting in his hot sweaty palm not ready to be hit with a hard cricket bat. The batter is getting in his crease ready for the next ball . I have already got heaps of bruises on me. I have not recovered from the last hit. I got a bash and it hurt my body. The bowler is doing a run up “OH NO” I hate when they do run ups. Here he goes “ahhhhhhhhhhh”. I’m flying through the air “BASH”. It goes for a six donk. I feel tired. I am worn out. This has been a bad day.  Suddenly a fielder picks me up and throws me back to the bowler. “CATCH” I am in a sweaty hot palm again.  Next time they need to play with a different ball. The game has finished. I get thrown into a cricket bag. Poo it stinks of sweaty gloves and pads.

Car Movie 2

                                   This is our Car 2 Movie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movie Cars

                                   This is our road with cars that Paige and I made.

   We are learning about roads and how you use the road when driving or biking safely. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Safe cycling


Bike Check

 1. Make sure your tires are pumped up.
 2. Make sure  your bike bolts are not loose.
 3. Make sure your hand and foot brakes are working. 
 4. Make sure you know the road rules.
 5. Make sure your bike seat is not wobbly or loose.
 6. Check your helmet fits and is in good condition.

Before A Ride

1. You need to check your brakes before you go for a ride because they are important for your safety on the road.

2. When you are out on the road biking for a long time a bmx bike is not the best choice, because they do not have gears and are smaller so your body gets very sore because you have to work harder.

 3. You need covered shoes and a helmet on before you go on the road.

 Road Signs

 1. Give Way

 2. Stop

 3. Rail Way Crossing

 4. Traffic Light

 5. Bike


Road Sense 

 1.When you are out biking you should never have ear phones in at all because you can't hear the traffic.

 2. You defiantly need to keep your eyes open and look where you are going and what the cars are doing, because you might crash.

 3. When passing parked cars look behind and check it's safe to pass before pulling out.

 4. Look both ways before you cross the road.

 What a stop sign means

What a Give Way sign means

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