Tuesday, October 23, 2012

100 Word Writing Week 1

100 word writing 1

It was hot in the African desert.The sun was out it was a beautiful day UNTIL...  the temperature dropped and it started to rain.  And it is only 1 degrees . The rain starts to get heavier I am frozen like ice and so are all my friends. We stand out in the rain so the rain can melt the frozen ice of us. It melts the frozen Ice of us but we are still cold and it is still raining. We run out in the rain shivering and grab some stones and sticks run back we are going to make a fire so hopefully we get warm. I grab a stick and a stone and rub them together smoke starts to come out and boom a fire. It makes a difference but the smoke in your eyes hurts. We sit there in front of the fire sitting on cold wet grass waiting for the rain to stop. Then a bright light comes from behind the clouds "The sun is back we yell".


  1. This is a really creative story, Olivia. I like the way you have used exciting vocabulary like shivering and the way you describe the sun as a bright light. When you are talking in your writing, you only have speech marks around the part that is said out loud. Check your last sentence.

  2. That sounds amazing I love it that is so creative awesome words and great vocabulary.


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