Monday, August 27, 2012

Popplet Summary

This is my Popplet for reading. That did with my reading group.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bolivia National Anthem

Bolivia National Anthem
Bolivia is strong and free
Standing tall like a tree
Large grasslands covered in flowers
Huge cities with tall towers
our land of white hot sand
Come together hand in hand
Your joyful voice, makes us sing
As we fly on your beautiful wings
We live with peace and happiness
Come and share our friendliness
Bolivia is the place to be
Live and stay in my country.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My School Bag

 This is my School Bag I hope you like this.

Mad Morning

Mad Morning

Beep Beep Beep my alarm clock is ringing I jump up out of bed and as I run down the hall. I look behind me I can see my little sister katie trying to outrun me “You can't get past me” I yell.

Yes finally I have made it into the bathroom I lock the door and I quickly hop into the shower. AAAAAAHHHHHH. I put it on cold nor hot  I have to change it to hot quickly.Yea nice and hot I dunk my head in the water.Then katie is still knocking on the door I yell you are such a drama queen I say. I have finished my nice warm shower. I open the door my sister runs in after me I say what is all the rush about “I wanted to get in the shower first” she said. “Well I got in there first” I said fine have  it your way Katie says. Katie my sister runs in front of me a I start to wonder why she is going into my room then she runs out with something I start to chase her. But I run out of breath.

I get into my room and I don't see anything missing Oh well. Where is my school uniform I have got my unders I go out to the clothesline and there is my school uniform I thought I put that on my chair last night. I go outside and it is freezing there they are my sister must of put them out there because I got into the shower first. Oh no the next door neighbors opened their  blinds. AAAAAAAA “I yell” I grab my uniform and run inside and close the door and quickly get dressed and eat my bacon and eggs Umm that was good. Okay bye mum I am going to walk to school because katie is still getting dressed. “I want ot get to school early I said”.

New Zealand Rowing

There I was sitting in my shell at the start line, thinking to myself I can do this I have a chance.
I can feel  the sweat running down off my face as I am nervous. I look at my partner Hamish I could see his face all happy and ready to go. I am staring at the red light waiting for it to change. Suddenly it changed the buzzer went off. Here we go I say. SPLASH the blade hits the water. My Knees are pumping. MMM I can smell the hotdogs and chips from in the crowd I put that to the side and kept my pace.  Oh No France is in the lead I tell hamish we can do better than this so we both start to speed up. Suddenly we are in the front I guess that speed up did work. I can see the finish line ahead.  “Here we go” I yell.
Yea we have won. We hear the crowd clap for us as we felt proud.

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