Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids for Kids


             Today at 9.00 in the morning we hopped on a bus and went to the opera house. Because we are doing world vision kids for kids. I walked into the opera House and was buzzing with excitement, and also I loved the look of the opera house in the outside and inside. We got seated in one of those cool wobbly seats.We sat there and all the different schools come in. I was very excited about seeing Suzanne Prentice because she is famous. Then Dayna the MC came out and instructed us and told us the rules of the Opera house. And there was also Chris who is in the Funky Monkey. We got put in grandstands or seats. And we started singing all of the kids for kids songs. It sounded so much better with Suzanne Prentice singing with us. I was feeling so hot under the light I felt like I was in an oven burning. And then to night is our time to shine it is our big night.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cricket Ball Writing

If was a Cricket Ball what would it be like
I am a Cricket ball flying through the air on a windy day, thrown into the palm of a black cap getting ready to bowl. I'm sitting in his hot sweaty palm not ready to be hit with a hard cricket bat. The batter is getting in his crease ready for the next ball . I have already got heaps of bruises on me. I have not recovered from the last hit. I got a bash and it hurt my body. The bowler is doing a run up “OH NO” I hate when they do run ups. Here he goes “ahhhhhhhhhhh”. I’m flying through the air “BASH”. It goes for a six donk. I feel tired. I am worn out. This has been a bad day.  Suddenly a fielder picks me up and throws me back to the bowler. “CATCH” I am in a sweaty hot palm again.  Next time they need to play with a different ball. The game has finished. I get thrown into a cricket bag. Poo it stinks of sweaty gloves and pads.

Car Movie 2

                                   This is our Car 2 Movie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Movie Cars

                                   This is our road with cars that Paige and I made.

   We are learning about roads and how you use the road when driving or biking safely. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Safe cycling


Bike Check

 1. Make sure your tires are pumped up.
 2. Make sure  your bike bolts are not loose.
 3. Make sure your hand and foot brakes are working. 
 4. Make sure you know the road rules.
 5. Make sure your bike seat is not wobbly or loose.
 6. Check your helmet fits and is in good condition.

Before A Ride

1. You need to check your brakes before you go for a ride because they are important for your safety on the road.

2. When you are out on the road biking for a long time a bmx bike is not the best choice, because they do not have gears and are smaller so your body gets very sore because you have to work harder.

 3. You need covered shoes and a helmet on before you go on the road.

 Road Signs

 1. Give Way

 2. Stop

 3. Rail Way Crossing

 4. Traffic Light

 5. Bike


Road Sense 

 1.When you are out biking you should never have ear phones in at all because you can't hear the traffic.

 2. You defiantly need to keep your eyes open and look where you are going and what the cars are doing, because you might crash.

 3. When passing parked cars look behind and check it's safe to pass before pulling out.

 4. Look both ways before you cross the road.

 What a stop sign means

What a Give Way sign means

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This is my Pressure Post I did this on comic Life. I hope you like it. Please fell free to comment.

Thanks Olivia.c 

Scooter Art

                                               This is my Scooter I draw for art in class.

Made By Olivia

Maori Parts

                                        This is my Maori parts work sheet. I did this today.


                                              This is our Mathletics   that Jack and I did.
I hope you like the effect we have put in.

100 Word Writing Week 1

100 word writing 1

It was hot in the African desert.The sun was out it was a beautiful day UNTIL...  the temperature dropped and it started to rain.  And it is only 1 degrees . The rain starts to get heavier I am frozen like ice and so are all my friends. We stand out in the rain so the rain can melt the frozen ice of us. It melts the frozen Ice of us but we are still cold and it is still raining. We run out in the rain shivering and grab some stones and sticks run back we are going to make a fire so hopefully we get warm. I grab a stick and a stone and rub them together smoke starts to come out and boom a fire. It makes a difference but the smoke in your eyes hurts. We sit there in front of the fire sitting on cold wet grass waiting for the rain to stop. Then a bright light comes from behind the clouds "The sun is back we yell".

Charlottes Web Summary

 This is My Charlotte's web summary

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Holiday Home Work Another Boring Holiday

     Another Boring Holiday
“God what are we doing this holidays”I said to my brother boringly.”Same old same old I suppose” Dom said. I wish the holidays were more exciting as I walked around the house looking for something to do. The day started to drag on by. I found mum doing house work I asked her what I could do because I was so bored. She told me if I was so bored I could help her with the housework or go and get the mail. I chose to go and get the mail because housework sucks. I walked outside opened the gate and grabbed the mail. (Olivia)

There were lots of bills for Mum and Dad and lots of brochures and junk mail.  I went to chuck it on the bench when one of the pamphlets fell at my feet, I scooped to pick it up and as I touched it a shivery, intense feeling shot up my arm.  I shook it off and started to read what I had picked up.  “OMG My name was printed on the pamphlet”  It said I could choose a destination anywhere in the world to holiday with my family during these holidays.  I re-read it  as I couldn't believe that my name was on it, it looked so official that I went and got Mum and showed her.  She looked pretty confused by the pamphlet and sent me to go and look online to see what I could find out about the travel company on the pamphlet. (Mum)

I grabbed  my netbook , laid down on the bed and google searched  the company. Lots of information was popping up on my screen. I didn't know what to click. I just clicked on one, it came up with your name and details to book a place and flight. I was buzzing with excitement. I didn't even want to go and ask Mum if this was okay, I just wanted to do it. But I knew I couldn't do this without Mum and Dads permission. I went back to Mum who was still doing housework and showed her what I had printed out. Mum was pretty impressed  with what I had found but said we will have to speak to dad first. (Olivia)

I could hardly contain my excitement but finally Dad arrived home.  As soon as he was out of his truck I started telling him my exciting news.  He said “Its a have, it must be” but Mum said “it looks pretty legit !!!” I was told to calm down and we would look into it after dinner. Why does time go so slowly? , dinner seemed to drag on forever and it felt like hours before we were all checking it out online.  Dad still didn't believe it so he rang the 0800 number.  I watched his face for signals of good news but nothing, all I could hear was the clock ticking and the phone call seemed to last longer than a boring documentary.  At last dad rang off and just sat there looking bemused and a little shocked. “What Dad, tell me Dad” I said to him at a hundred miles an hour. (Dad)

Its true we’re going on holiday, We sat there looking at each other with stupid looks on our faces. I run down to my room and grab my Netbook and took it back to where my family was. I went back onto the website and clicked on what I had clicked earlier and put in our names and  details and the minute I had entered my full name The screen suddenly changed and congratulations fluw up on my screen exploding fireworks and flashing grand winner came up. We clicked the flashing prize button it said you had won $200,000 worth for free travel  this holidays. (Olivia)

I couldn't believe it my little sister had won us a free trip overseas.  UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!  I was blown away.  Bidi and I had been hassling Mum and Dad for ages to go away but it was never a good time or they couldn’t afford it. Now we could “YES”.  I’ve never seen Mum and Dad looking so blown away, everyone just couldn't believe it.  Our biggest decision was coming....... where did we want to go.  I know Mum liked Europe and Dads scared of flying so I wonder where we’ll end up.  Bid and I want to go to America., I hope they let Bidi decide as she won it. (Dom)

Mum and Dad turned to me and said you have a very big discussion to make Olivia since you won the money. I look at Dom Mum and Dad staring at me waiting for my answer. Uh Uh America, Disney land. Dominic yells “Yay”his eyes as big as god stoppers. Mum said “you better book it Olivia”. I go online I book it for America and Disney land. “Mum “I yell “I have booked our flight for tomorrow”. “Well you better start packing everyone we’re going on holiday“Dad says. “This is going to take forever to pack  but it is worth it”I said.(olivia)
The phone rang and Mum asked me to get it.  I answered and I heard my neighbour Olivia on the other end.  “Hi Jade” Olivia said.  “Hi” I replied. She wanted to talk to my Mum and Dad and ask them a favor.  She asked if she could come over.  I said “Yes, see you in a minute”.  Olivia arrived and she was excited.  She told us her news and asked if we could look after Chopper for them while they were away in America.  We said “Sure, No worries”.  Olivia didn’t stay long as she had lots of packing to do.  I was really jealous as I would love to go away on holiday, I was stuck at home having a boring holiday. (Jade)

We at last arrived at the airport.  Dom and I are buzzing with excitement we hop on the plane, waiting for the jet engines to start.  I am nervous but I feel happy and excited at the same time. I can't wait till we get to Disneyland and go on all the rides and have a awesome day spending time with my family.The air hostess tells as to put our seat belts on that's when I'm thinking here we go. Then I notice Dad as white as a sheet looking nervous and shaking. “It will be aright Dad “I said. He smiled and looked out the window and saw how high we were. (Olivia)

This was soooo cool, at last it was happing, Bidi and I just kept on grinning at each other.  Mum had got her book out and Dad had my ipod.  Bid and I were taking turns at the window looking out at those clouds so soft, white and fluffy looking.  I just wanted to dive out the window and lie on them and float along.  The air hostess arrived with drinks and nibbles.  We got a pack to keep us amused but I thought it was a bit babyish but it did have a few puzzles in it to do.  The trolley came along again and Mum and Dad got drinks, we didn't.  Before long it was dinner time and our trays came out.  Tea was yum and not long after it was time to get some sleep.  I was surprised how tired I was when I hadn't been doing anything.  Good night see you in the morning (Dom)
The sun is out it is 8am I am all ready for a new day. We are in America we found our hotel get unpacked. Then we were off  for a walk to see what America is like. We stop at a cafe and get some morning tea. We went into town and looked at same shops that we had never looked or seen before and brought some little funky things. We had finished looking at all shops at about 1pm. We stop at the park  and have a awesome time playing. We go and have some McDonald's for lunch. We walk back to the hotel and have a look around to see what they have in the hotel. We find a restaurant in there  and have a look for what we could have for dinner It is 3pm and we go to the supermarket to get some food for dinner and breakfast for the other nights. That took forever, it is just about tea time we walked back to the hotel and unpack our food that we got, we go down stairs and get what we choose. We sit down and have our dinner. Then walk back up to our room and lie down on our beds because we are tired and full. We watch some tv and go to sleep see you in the morning we have a big day ahead of us. (Olivia)

America is everything I expected and more.  The kids are beyond excited and sometimes look speechless.  LA is buzzing, we thought Auckland is busy but this is unreal so many people, so much to see.  We wake early (thanks jet lag) so decide to go for a wander before breakfast.  Jobs all done and we’re on the highway heading for Disneyland.  Even I am excited.  We arrive and stand inside the entrance dumbfounded, never before have we seen a sight like this. Where do you start? Anthony and I grab a kid each and head for one of the most exciting days ever. (Mum)

OMG the rides are amazing !!! Never have I seen the kids smiling so much, they are having the best of times.  Olivia’s had her photo taken with so many Disney characters and is enjoying the experience so much.  She’s also clicking away on her ipod to capture all her favourite moments.  Dom is lining up for another roller coaster ride and is loving the adrenaline rushes.  Time goes by so quickly as we spend the day enjoying each others company, laughing, screaming and experiencing new things.  Before we know its starting to get dark.  We have been there all day and still don’t want to go home.  We decide to dine there and watch the night parade.  This is a once in a lifetime experience, one I know I will never forget and the smiles on the kids faces make it so worthwhile.  We head for the exit with happy hearts, full bellies, sore feet and heads full of memories.  Its 10.30pm and we’ve spent a full 12 hours at Disneyland - AMAZING (Dad)

We drive back to the hotel, I say to dom I had never thought our boring holiday would turn so awesome and amazing.

Made my

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maths Reversing

Today in maths we did reversing.This is my work other people in my group have theirs on their blog too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Interview About Production

This is our interview I hope you like it. Feel free to comment if you like.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Popplet Summary

This is my Popplet for reading. That did with my reading group.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bolivia National Anthem

Bolivia National Anthem
Bolivia is strong and free
Standing tall like a tree
Large grasslands covered in flowers
Huge cities with tall towers
our land of white hot sand
Come together hand in hand
Your joyful voice, makes us sing
As we fly on your beautiful wings
We live with peace and happiness
Come and share our friendliness
Bolivia is the place to be
Live and stay in my country.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My School Bag

 This is my School Bag I hope you like this.

Mad Morning

Mad Morning

Beep Beep Beep my alarm clock is ringing I jump up out of bed and as I run down the hall. I look behind me I can see my little sister katie trying to outrun me “You can't get past me” I yell.

Yes finally I have made it into the bathroom I lock the door and I quickly hop into the shower. AAAAAAHHHHHH. I put it on cold nor hot  I have to change it to hot quickly.Yea nice and hot I dunk my head in the water.Then katie is still knocking on the door I yell you are such a drama queen I say. I have finished my nice warm shower. I open the door my sister runs in after me I say what is all the rush about “I wanted to get in the shower first” she said. “Well I got in there first” I said fine have  it your way Katie says. Katie my sister runs in front of me a I start to wonder why she is going into my room then she runs out with something I start to chase her. But I run out of breath.

I get into my room and I don't see anything missing Oh well. Where is my school uniform I have got my unders I go out to the clothesline and there is my school uniform I thought I put that on my chair last night. I go outside and it is freezing there they are my sister must of put them out there because I got into the shower first. Oh no the next door neighbors opened their  blinds. AAAAAAAA “I yell” I grab my uniform and run inside and close the door and quickly get dressed and eat my bacon and eggs Umm that was good. Okay bye mum I am going to walk to school because katie is still getting dressed. “I want ot get to school early I said”.

New Zealand Rowing

There I was sitting in my shell at the start line, thinking to myself I can do this I have a chance.
I can feel  the sweat running down off my face as I am nervous. I look at my partner Hamish I could see his face all happy and ready to go. I am staring at the red light waiting for it to change. Suddenly it changed the buzzer went off. Here we go I say. SPLASH the blade hits the water. My Knees are pumping. MMM I can smell the hotdogs and chips from in the crowd I put that to the side and kept my pace.  Oh No France is in the lead I tell hamish we can do better than this so we both start to speed up. Suddenly we are in the front I guess that speed up did work. I can see the finish line ahead.  “Here we go” I yell.
Yea we have won. We hear the crowd clap for us as we felt proud.

Friday, June 29, 2012

This is my new learning buddy photo

This is my new learning buddy photo if you would like please comment. Thanks Olivia.  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Video for my home work Kiwis

This is my video to go with my kiwi home work.

Kiwi Home Work

This is my Kiwi Home Work for this week. I hope you like it I have worked hard on this so feel free to comment. THANKS OLIVIA. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Menu For Olivia

                   Menu For Olivia
           Garlic  Bread             
        Butter Chicken
                 Coke \ Ice

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012


This is my brain house I hope you like it.


This is my reading I hope you like it

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My blog review on Lily N

This is Lily N  blog

I chose Lily N blog because Llily is my friend and the fennec fox for her homework is so cute.lily is all up to date on her blog.  If you want to check out her blog here is a link click on it and it will take you   

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This is my giraffe homework I hope you like it.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Morning Wake up

“WAKE UP” said my mum you have to go to school today. I say “Go away I am so comfortable and nice and warm”. I don't want to wake up now. My brother gets up and stomps down the hall. Then suddenly my dog chopper will come and jump on me. Then I yell out “You guys are so loud”. So then I start to get angry because my face goes red. I want to sleep. So then my dad will come in and wriggle my bed “STOP IT” I yell I am tired. “Then you shouldn't of had a late night”said dad.” I didn't I just wanted to watch tv” I say.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi this is my maths I think I if I keep practising I will be awesome at maths. I think that I should work on division and get faster than I am now. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Room 19 song

Hey Guys,
Our video is done!
Start voting. Here is the link
Click on the picture that says competitions. Then Click on the down arrow by the word Voting and go down to schools. Find Parkvale 19 and click on our video. Under our video it will then put a button saying VOTE. Click it!
Forward this to your families and anyone else who you think will vote for us!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Today we did netball skills for P.E and also we did some games.We had to buddy up with a partner i had Abbie Turner.

First we did warm ups by passing the ball to each other Abbie and i passed 73 times before we dropped it.

Then all the girls and boys had to stand in 2 rows and we had to pass the ball zigzag until the ball went down to the end the girls lost all the games.

Last of all we played a game of netball dodgeball.

I enjoyed myself it was awesome.

I think that a good netball pass you would have have lots of power.And also you need to keep your eyes open and put you foot forwards when you go to throw.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rocket 2

Hi this is my rocket hi hope you like it if you can please comment by.

Monday, March 12, 2012

1 rocket


     2100???      Schools.
I think in the future it will be so much different like there won,t be schools,  so the children will have to work at home .So they have to video chat there teacher and ask what do they have to do today.

Magic cars.
There will be magic cars so you can say open and the door will open for you, and also you can say turn left or right and it will turn for you. When you come to a stop sign you can say stop and it will stop for you.I think we should have this because it will be handy for old people.

I think that hospitals will be much faster to fix people that have something wrong with them because the hospitals will have more equipment to fix them.I think we should do this because we are sick of lots of people dying.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My cat

I think now Fluffy thinks the bird is dead .But then  Fluffy had a day dream.         Lily made a big snowball . But Fluffy saw Lily with the snowball and  Lily was getting ready to throw it at him. Just then Fluffy came back from his day dream and saw that Lily the bird was going to throw the huge snowball at him.So Fluffy went to hide inside behind the door because he did not want to get hit by snow. Lily said “I am going to get her “ so she went off to find Fluffy. Fluffy came out from behind the door and saw Lily looking for her so she hid inside the laundry basket.Lily came inside hunting for her she good hear some noises.She searched all over the house until she came to the last room.She peeked through the gap and saw Fluffy hiding in the basket she opened the door and quietly fluttered inside she threw the snow ball as hard as her fluttering wings could.Fluffy jumped up with a fright and covered in snow head to tail.Fluffy ran at off the house never to be seen again.Lily was excited because she had won.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi this is my Wordle if you would like to make one here is the link

Monday, February 13, 2012


I think I am a good swimmer.I hope i get in to the 3rd group.
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